Is a frugal Christmas a merry one?

I think it can be.
This year I have bought only two presents. One for my mom and one for my dad. The only thing that saddens me about not having bought any presents is the fact that I don't get to wrap much! And seriously, wrapping presents is one of my favorite things to do.
There is always next year...


Simply Beautiful

GOD!!! I love this look! I mean I REALLY FREAKING LOVE IT!

Merry Christmas to Me...

I came so close the other day to buying a manzanita branch, spray painting it white, setting it in a little ceramic pot and making it my new place to hang my bangles and necklaces... glad I didn't... because now I know I want a candelabra!

My dream room...


Green on the Inside

High maintenance but totally worth it!
. . .

Smitten for this Kitchen

I love everything about this adorably bizarre kitchen. The retro fridge is such a neat buy. If I lived in a small house with a cozy kitchen, I would get one for sure. All I need room for is my veggie burgers and wine…

What I also find intriguing is the dissimilar colors of “shaker style” cabinetry. It is weird, I don’t know if I would spring for that, but it is definitely interesting. I would use different hardware… maybe something from Anthropologie!

The stove and vent hood, although small, looks very high-end. Chrome is the ‘way to go’ for kitchen appliances, undoubtedly.

Everything about the kitchen deserves a mention… how about that chandelier? Once again, LOVE the idea… I would choose a different style (maybe something from here), but again, LOVE the idea! I am all about the ambiance. Imagine cooking by candle light and the glimmer of a chandelier… how pleasant.

Want to create the illusion of more space? Well, just simply lean a gilded mirror against the rear of your range! Effortlessly brilliant... and fancy!

Oh ya, and the birdcage… that was actually the first thing I noticed. I have one a little bit bigger than the one that is pictured in this kitchen. This photo has given me the idea to hang it in the kitchen (when I have my own) and use it as decorative storage.

And last but not least, the Kelly Green walls!!! My favorite color! Since the white subway tile covers half the wall as the back splash, Kelly Green serves as the perfect pop of color!

Love it all! Excellent find Marion!