Humble Dream Dwelling

Having moved back in with my sweet, loving, supporting parents after coming home to finish my degree, time has passed and it is about that time for me to fly the coup and create my own little nest. I have a pretty cool chick lined up to be my roomie and we found an old renovated garage apartment with a spiral staircase and hardwood floors! It's as cozy as all get out, but one problem, closet space... We are the same size and thrilled that each of our wardrobes are doubling... but where are we going to put all our fab attire?!? We'll figure it out.
Surely it doesn’t come as a surprise that I am overly enthusiastic about decorating our humble little abode. My roommate is eager as well, lucky me, she has an eye. She proved that when she brought over a back up bottle of wine (of course I had one too!) to the antiques shop (maisonmaisonantiques.com) that I manage and helped me revamp the showroom till 9pm! I felt I had gotten a little in over my head, and although I could have managed, it would have been tedious at those late hours with out a friend to help. It’s amazing how a daunting task can turn into a blast with some music, wine and a good friend! As my wise boss/shop owner says, “Must have wine to design!” I hear that!

Today is March 2nd and the move in date is soon – it can’t come quick enough. Having been in love with furniture since I was 19/20ish I have collected some fantastic pieces that I have repurposed and refurbished, some are too large to come with, but that’s ok, they will be waiting for when I upgrade – but the ones that will fit, I can’t wait to get them in there! I am on the hunt for a few key pieces as well. I will post photos of the before and after. Stay tuned.

Until then, here are just a few photos of a space I saw on apartmenttherapy.com. Who says small spaces can’t be overwhelmingly fantastic? That cloud like bed tucked away in that sun filled corner… how devastatingly beautiful is that? You could lie in bed on Sunday mornings and work on your tan… what a dream.