Space! I crave it more than a fat kid craves cake. I don’t need it because I feel cramped in my apartment, I adore my apartment. I actually prefer smaller spaces. Truly, I think great rooms are THE most over rated thing in contemporary house design (just a personal opinion). Cozy, inviting, engaging, charming, and warm are all my favorite ways for a space to be. So, after diss-ing the thought of too much space, now I will go back to talking about how I want more of it, lol. I have this thought regarding how I want to design/arrange my living room (if I had a bigger one). Imagine a dreamy, cloud like couch (with a deep seated bench cushion, so there is no falling between the cracks) that just soaks you and that special someone in. Now, what’s behind that sweet sofa is what I am excited about. It’s not a console or an art filled wall… it’s a desk!! Aaha. I love the idea of having a desk behind my couch. My laptop, stacks of all my favorite design glossies, a flourishing plant, a Kelly-green porcelain lamp, and a crazy comfy chair. Go figure, I can’t find all of the images I have of that layout. Oh well, I will just post other pretty pictures.


This and that...

Ready yo-self for my most dizzy, slaphappy post evaaaaaa!

First off, eBay… I WON! I freaking, flipping, stinking WON!!! I have bid on so many things… and I am always a big-fat looser. Not this time, oh no. I usually deserve to loose since I try to take it easy on the pocketbook. It was pretty dimwitted to think that I even had a chance of winning with my pathetic, bargain-basement bids, lol. This time I bid like a baller and I won… and I had to pay for it… dammit. Anyway, I am stupid-happy that I am about to get these 18 antique, milk glass vases that I have absolutely no where to display them or room to store them away…

Numero dos, painting!!! Tomorrow… Texas Art Supply... I am there and I am buying brushes, a canvas (or two) and some paint. Slapdash creativity = (hopefully) frame-worthy art. I totally missed out on my dads artistic gene. He used to paint, freelance, on water towers!!! Yaaa…

3. My new dream bathroom. My God… drool.

The fourth is wedding-ish stuff, lovely stuff. It’s been so neat to watch my affianced bestie's dream wedding unfurl… Love love love. A girl can’t help but to get lost in her own fanciful ideas of their own dream wedding.

Here is my wedding…

Here is my reception. If I could marry bentwood, I would!

Here are my flowers. Maybe I'll have a use for those milk glass vases one day, eh?

Here is what I would LOVE to have the groomsmen wear. Do you think the Avett Bros would play at my make believe wedding? Lol... I would have to get married in January.. because their song... "In jaaaannua-a-ary, were gettin' married..."

...and the photoshoot. I would be happy with one perfect shot in that sumptuous pink settee.

Next… or, 5…
This makes me want a creepy attic so bad, its scccaaaary… I don’t want a legitimately spine-chilling attic. I want a sweet home with a TOTALLY UNHAUNTED attic and I want to creep-ify it my self. Those beds are eerily and alluringly awesome. It would be the perfect first two pieces to the perfect guest bedroom quarters where my easily spooked friends can sleepover!

Sixth-ly (new word). My backyard. Again… a dream backyard… But a totally attainable one, because it’s so tiny! I would change one thing, the bottom half. I would want that to be all plush with grass.

And lastly, but not least-ly… the pics below, I just love em’.
The lamp, the pillows, the salon-style art filled walls, that subdue, washed out minty colored teal… and just the rooms in general. No words.