Eclectic Electric

This is just too cool for school...
Where can I find electrified word/saying wall art?!?

Before and After by Robin

This week I had another staging job -- love this aspect of my job.

I had sold my client the sofa, rug, barley twist end table, and copper top end table.

I still have two chairs to place (that are going where I placed the to-scale templates on the floor), a 36" round coffee table, and art above the fire place.

All the furniture was already installed by the movers but I was called out to rearrange the room. It just wasn't working.

I staged the shelves with what she had around the house and placed the conversation style (curved) sofa at an angle on the far side of the room. This is why I love convo-sofas (and suggested she get one) -- they give one the freedom to play with angles; unlike the straight lines of a typical straight-back sofa which looks awkward on an angle. This placement made it more conducive to an inviting entry into the room and allowed for the the perfect placement of two (future) chairs.








Bookshelves by Robin | Before and After

I don’t take credit for the paint job, but after the fresh blue facelift I was called in to make over the bookshelves. The shells, coral, and baskets are perfect for a tres chic bay house.



Bookshelves by Robin

I don’t have a “before” photo so you will just have to imagine.
Prior to me getting my hands on these built-ins, they were stocked full of unsightly books with busy colored sleeves. It was chaotic. This was a staging job I did a few months back.


I better get busy.

I want all my mismatching art framed uniformly in thin, burnished gold frames!!!

…and a wildly blossoming orange bougainvillea that is blanketing a pergola.

…and a guest bedroom with a black and white pastoral scene dressing all the walls.

…and a giant clam shell filled with antique, alabaster grape clusters.

…and some flourishing orange trees in shiny black planters that live indoors.