Urban Market Finds

A vintage miniature globe to replace my cheesy Pottery Barn purchase.

My very own Thonet Bentwood chair!!!

...and a sweet little painting of a colorful arrangement.

It goes along with the watercolor my aunt drew when she was in junior high... and the stunningly beautiful ballerina that I just moved from the hallway to above my bed. The ballerina was a gift from my shop too!


This is my...

desktop background.
so pretty

Miami or Hollywood?

What do you call this look… Hollywood Regency meets Miami retro chic? I know most won’t feel the same as I do about that gilded Marginata (I know my plants -- thanks mom!), but I dig it! What I love most about this room is the pale lilac, argyle wall motif. I was trying to talk my roommate into letting me (with her help) do this design on her wall that her bed is up against, but she doesn’t find painting as therapeutic as I do.

In all honesty, this room doesn’t knock my socks off or anything, but I do like it, a lot. There is something about the color palate that is offbeat but totally picturesque. The pillows are a design gaffe, for sure – but hey, to each there own. So to sum it up, “gimme the gold” and I’m “all about that argyle!”

Peace out.


...with a twist.

What do you want to bet that King Louis XV had a settee just like this sitting in one of his royal rooms in his regal palace?! I love murdered out antiques. ;)

Everything about this vignette I want to recreate. However, I am going to tweak it a bit because the most recent addition to my antique collection is a stunningly awesome, 18th Century French settee from Maison Maison Antiques (where I manage the showroom, it was a gift from my boss). It is newly reupholstered in a creamy white linen and its original bullion fringe was salvaged and reattached after its face lift. Splendid, don't you think?

I plan on reproducing that delicate, salon styled display of art and a mirror above my French classic with some artwork that I already have, I just need to have it all framed uniformly. I also need to find the perfect, miniature, gilded mirror (I love the one below, but its a bit $$$). Once its all finished I will post the completed look. New pillows are a must too, I've had the ones you see above for years -- they are tired and no longer my taste.

I also plan on using a rug instead of a hide... I know what I want, I just need to buy it! I am forever in love with my Anthropologie chinoiserie duvet which has branches that are a soft shade of gray. I'm pretty sure that the softly looped, gray, wool Doily rug from Anthropologie is the one. Will buy ASAP!

Now if I could only splurge on a sweet, crystal chandelier... I cannot wait for The Urban Market!


Super On Sale Post and Pre Season Decor

Grandin Road is where its at for super on sale, post season, holiday decor. I just scored three of these spooky, 3' tall, black flocked trees. They were $149 a piece, on sale for $29 a piece, however... the site misrepresented the price and erroneously listed them at $12 EACH. I insisted that they honor the price, and they did... score!
Last year I stocked up on a ton of stunning Christmas decor, I cannot wait to pull it out and use it this year. That will probably be my next post. Below is one of the items I bought... they still have it and it is still on sale!

For a Halloween wreath, I withheld the birds and situated my sparkling, black skeleton inside of it... I was a bit eager to pull it out, lol.