...with a twist.

What do you want to bet that King Louis XV had a settee just like this sitting in one of his royal rooms in his regal palace?! I love murdered out antiques. ;)

Everything about this vignette I want to recreate. However, I am going to tweak it a bit because the most recent addition to my antique collection is a stunningly awesome, 18th Century French settee from Maison Maison Antiques (where I manage the showroom, it was a gift from my boss). It is newly reupholstered in a creamy white linen and its original bullion fringe was salvaged and reattached after its face lift. Splendid, don't you think?

I plan on reproducing that delicate, salon styled display of art and a mirror above my French classic with some artwork that I already have, I just need to have it all framed uniformly. I also need to find the perfect, miniature, gilded mirror (I love the one below, but its a bit $$$). Once its all finished I will post the completed look. New pillows are a must too, I've had the ones you see above for years -- they are tired and no longer my taste.

I also plan on using a rug instead of a hide... I know what I want, I just need to buy it! I am forever in love with my Anthropologie chinoiserie duvet which has branches that are a soft shade of gray. I'm pretty sure that the softly looped, gray, wool Doily rug from Anthropologie is the one. Will buy ASAP!

Now if I could only splurge on a sweet, crystal chandelier... I cannot wait for The Urban Market!

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