Bathroom Redo

I really have lost touch with my inner blogger… and I miss that bloggin’ feeling.

So… about 3 weeks ago or so, I got the urge to paint my bathroom. What’s funny is, I picked a color palate that is a loud and really not my bona fide style. It was more of an art project/personal challenge. Black, retro-avocado green, and creamy white painted horizontal stripes in a repeating pattern with different widths – that is my bathroom wall motif. The inspiration came from this vintage framed needlepoint “Robin bird” that I picked up in a hometown consignment shop. I love this kitschy little item because my name is Robin, and it is indeed a Robin! It also echoes the colors of the crewel I upholstered my 1920’s vanity storage bench in, (a Round Top find!) as well as the floral sconce vases that were so kindly given to me by a dealer at MAI! I also love my whimsical, little David Dear duck mirror.

So, on a whim at 8pm in the evening I hopped in my Jetta and jetted to Home Depot. I then returned home and got to painting… then taping, then painting, then touch ups, then taping, then more painting, then more touch ups and then MORE painting… then the final touch up finale.

Oh my stars, what an endeavor, it took me a whole week to complete… but it looks quite nifty and I can live with the unruliness of it for a while until I let the need for a cleaner look overpower me and cause me to prime the walls, slap on a coat of soft, Swedish gray paint and bring a sense of quietude my powder room.

Anyway, it was fun and I don’t regret it,
...cough cough, lol.