Spook-tacular Spaces

When I brood over a Halloween post, black walls pierced my thoughts instantly. I in no way knew black walls could be so alive! I envisioned a gloomy, dismal feel at the notion of pitch-black walls. I was considerably mistaken; these interiors are mysterious, sexy and totally fit for human habitation. The lustrous black walls of the bathroom with the sunshine yellow chair is nothing short of spectacular. Enjoy these extraordinary, out of the ordinary dwellings.

Can I take about a 2 hour bath in this tub, please?


Uber cool.

I thought I always wanted a white house with black shutters... scratch that, reverse it.

That mirror looks like several we've had at my store. That gilded ornateness with those sexy black walls is pure cultivated beauty. Soooooo sumptuous.


. . .

Happy Halloween you ghouls, I hope your Saturday night is frightfully fun and your booze, bountiful!


Birthday Decor

This has to be the prettiest Birthday set-up I've ever seen!

*thanks to cocokelley for enlightening me to the world of Sarah Kaye

A Beautiful Birthday

This morning I was surprised with presents from my sweet mom and aunt. They got me the David Dear Duck Mirror I’ve had my eyes on for years, ever since I saw it in Domino Magazine I’ve wanted it. They also amped up my collection of awe-inspiring design books.... love you guys! Thanks :)

Last night was great too!
The best of friends + fantastic Mexican food + a Rockets ‘W’ = a perfect Birthday.

The only thing that slightly bums me out is this dreadful weather.
So I decided to post an inside that’s bright and cheery because outside its so drab and dreary.

I adore those angel wings. How peaceful to have angelic white feather wings suspended above your bed.



Today is my legal Birthday, but tomorrow is my real Birthday. You see, I was delivered in the wee hours of the night which left everyone completely exhausted upon my arrival, including the mid wife who delivered me and wrote my Birthday date erroneously on my birth certificate! My mom tried to change it years later but encountered to many problems so she let it go. It doesn't really bother me. My friends call to wish me Happy 'legal' Birthday on the 28th and Happy 'real' Birthday on the 29th. I loved it when I turned 21 because the 28th was a Friday and the 29th was a Saturday. It couldn't have been more perfect! Will I be saying the same when I am 30? ;)

I am looking forward to those Cabo Wabo margaritas soon to some.


Rock 'n' Roll Roost

This joint is badass, for lack of a better word. I won’t break down what I love, just know that I love it all, above all that tufted salmon colored couch. I wish I could call John Mayer and make fun of him for his spread in Elle Décor. He can only aspire to dwell in groovy abode such as this. Somebody tell him that this is what upscale Rock and Roll décor done right looks like! Whoever you are, musician that lives in these pictures, your loft is amaaaazing! Write on.

Thanks to Apartment Therapy for this magical home tour!

The House of Michael Penny

This is the house of Michael Penny, Canadian House & Home's assistant style editor. His taste is ideal. In the kitchen he seems to have repurposed a retro dresser into cabinetry! Brilliant. And I love how he used inexpensive peg boarding to put on show his shiny, polished pots and pans. And don’t get me started on those nightstands in his bedroom! I read on MadeByGirls blog that he scored those on eBay! Jackpot! If only I could get my hands on some end tables like that. It’s impossible to overlook his accessories and light fixtures as they are so striking and unique. He even makes me like the color Maya Blue… and I don’t like blue interior elements. Enjoy these wonderful pictures and may they bring you a great deal of inspiration as they did me!