Spook-tacular Spaces

When I brood over a Halloween post, black walls pierced my thoughts instantly. I in no way knew black walls could be so alive! I envisioned a gloomy, dismal feel at the notion of pitch-black walls. I was considerably mistaken; these interiors are mysterious, sexy and totally fit for human habitation. The lustrous black walls of the bathroom with the sunshine yellow chair is nothing short of spectacular. Enjoy these extraordinary, out of the ordinary dwellings.

Can I take about a 2 hour bath in this tub, please?


Uber cool.

I thought I always wanted a white house with black shutters... scratch that, reverse it.

That mirror looks like several we've had at my store. That gilded ornateness with those sexy black walls is pure cultivated beauty. Soooooo sumptuous.


. . .

Happy Halloween you ghouls, I hope your Saturday night is frightfully fun and your booze, bountiful!

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