Rainbow Stairs

I wouldn’t put doing something like this past me. I think these photos are some of the most visually enjoyable I have ever seen! What thoughts do these stairs invoke from you? I thought of a box of crayons. As a child, there was nothing that thrilled me more than some new Crayola crayons. As I opened the box of sharp, bright, perfectly lined up crayons the scent of the colorful wax would delight my little nose all through my artful endeavor.

Beauty without color seems somehow to belong to another world.
~Murasaki Shikibu

I hope you all enjoy these pics as much as I do :)


These aren't stairs, I know. But still, what a neat group of inhabitants to get together and make this statement.

This one is my favorite.

I wish I were a white crayon, that way no one would use me.

~Author Unknown

I got a giggle from that quote :)
Just wanted to share!


  1. Wow I'd love to have stairs like that! If not in or around my home, but somewhere in my neighborhood! My favorite are the striped ones :)

  2. I think they would be great on backyard deck stairs. My fav color is Kelly Green, so I was thinking how neat it would be to have several different shades of green!

  3. some of those must have taken forever to paint!!!!