Antiques of the future...

Below are some of the pieces I will be romancing starting tomorrow… seems like a simple enough task.

Aren’t these pieces irresistible?

I would love a custom camel leather Chesterfield sofa of my own with a hide for it to float on, and a newly constructed piece reminiscent of an antique map cabinet to house my media (oh, and a 19th century gilded Louis Philippe mirror for good measure).

How about this rustic, yet contemporary Klismos styled chair? Would you believe this design dates back to the 5th century? Those ancient Greeks sure did have a great eye for design!

And these frames… how gleeful!!! I love the colors…


Positively positive...

What a whirlwind of a week. This girl is dog-tired. The first week of my last two is over and much was accomplished. I did the last floor move I may ever do for MMA. I snapped some photos for nostalgic purposes.

This Sunday will be my last leisurely one for a while. I plan on spending it in a dreamy way, full of naps with my sweet little Abby (my precious pup). If I think about the future and what it holds it can be overwhelming, but its all good things… and I shouldn’t let goodness bread anxiety! That’s just absurd. Each moment is a brand new opportunity to embrace the vitality of newness.

Happy Sunday everyone.


A wee bit of change is on the horizon…

I am shifting from antiques to antlers with the “rearrangement” of my career.

Although change is always a bit unnerving (and in this case, totally unexpected), this transition is a welcomed one and I am eager to see what transpires!

I will miss my antique world.

The pictures below are inspiring… they show me how I can introduce rustic sensibilities while still embracing my love for all things old and gold!

The one above is so me.