Before and After - My 1950's Furniture

A quick glimpse of my refreshed 1950’s dresser and nightstands; they turned out just right.

Soon, REK Design will launch a line of repurposed, redesigned vintage and antique furniture. Stay tuned!




Before & After - Executive Corner Office

This particular client runs a company that has a very contemporary interior. He personally despises contemporary design and has always longed for his corner office to have the look of a rustic lodge. I make dreams come true! He loves his new “Ranch Retreat” office.


CEO Corner Office

This gentleman favored fine leathers and a rustic feel. I incorporated copper, hide, top grain leather and Southwest-inspired fabrics to transform this standard corporate headquarters into a warm, inviting space that evokes an Aspen lodge feel.

Before - Waste Space

After - A handsome seating area for morning coffee.

Before - The console is too small.

After - This piece allows for more storage and display -- and its a better scale.

Before - This is an unacceptable office chair for a corporate chief.

After - The Rolls Royce of office chairs -- much better. Replaced the visitor seating as well.

Before - The stark, cream colored, microfiber suede chairs were not working...

After - Chairs on casters with a touch oh hide - perfect!


Before and After by Robin

This is the straightforward before and after of my most recent install. The house was beautiful and the furniture was the icing on the cake.

There is much more that needs to be added and if I get the opportunity to further furnish this residence I will post again!




Male Room

Alright… so, a guys pad – they usually aren’t the most well pulled together spaces. I have never been to a guys place and been bowled over by how good looking it is. Well, once I was, but his mom was an interior designer, so that does not count.

In my day to day trade I have so many men of all ages walk in looking to purchase a sofa or a media console and they can NEVER describe their style. I hear eclectic a lot… I am so over that word by the way. Everyone these days calls their style eclectic! Eclectic is the new traditional in my opinion – it’s an established style. There is nothing unusual about it anymore. I’d like to hear someone describe their style as meaningful or spontaneous – be imaginative people. That would be the day.

I strayed…

I feel as though guys think it’s a wasted effort to put time and energy into making their living quarters dignified. A well built man should have a desire to live in a well built room. It’s not like its hard… and if it is daunting – I will lend a hand!

Come on boys. Let’s see some enthusiasm over making your mannish accommodations more dapper than they are bearable. And when the gusto hits… I will sell you that chesterfield style sofa in full aniline distressed leather.

Please use real antler mounts and/or taxidermy. Real men DO NOT put plaster deer heads on their wall.


Tickled Pink

Most of the people who know me know I am not a “I heart pink” kind of girl.
I like pink… in a small dose… in the right shade, but never would I decorate with pink nor have it be my main color palate. Even if I was decorating a little girl’s room, I would probably use just a touch. However this interior and exterior shot… they make me rethink my stink on pink.

They aren’t the same house by the way.

This is utterly gorgeous.

I think a woman who lived here probably lived here for several years and always noticed this tree bloom in the spring. And then one afternoon in the late winter she thought about how she wished it were warmer and the thought of spring made her think of the tree at her front door and how beautiful it is when it blooms every year. She then decides to paint her front door that shocking shade of pink just because she wants to do something different and fabulous.

Then one day when the season has changed, she walks out and the flowers have blossomed and there she has it… the most spectacular exterior!

This is just out of control… totally outrageous and completely OUT OF THIS WORLD. I want a friend with a kitchen like this!!! Best house party backdrop EVER!