Male Room

Alright… so, a guys pad – they usually aren’t the most well pulled together spaces. I have never been to a guys place and been bowled over by how good looking it is. Well, once I was, but his mom was an interior designer, so that does not count.

In my day to day trade I have so many men of all ages walk in looking to purchase a sofa or a media console and they can NEVER describe their style. I hear eclectic a lot… I am so over that word by the way. Everyone these days calls their style eclectic! Eclectic is the new traditional in my opinion – it’s an established style. There is nothing unusual about it anymore. I’d like to hear someone describe their style as meaningful or spontaneous – be imaginative people. That would be the day.

I strayed…

I feel as though guys think it’s a wasted effort to put time and energy into making their living quarters dignified. A well built man should have a desire to live in a well built room. It’s not like its hard… and if it is daunting – I will lend a hand!

Come on boys. Let’s see some enthusiasm over making your mannish accommodations more dapper than they are bearable. And when the gusto hits… I will sell you that chesterfield style sofa in full aniline distressed leather.

Please use real antler mounts and/or taxidermy. Real men DO NOT put plaster deer heads on their wall.

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