Alliteration in Decoration

Interior design strives to make the world a more beautiful place, but you don’t have to be an interior designer to make your mark beautiful in this world. You just have to be fearless. Be courageous with color choices, plucky with picking patterns and audacious when accessorizing art. There are no rules. There needn’t be any rhyme or reason as to why you place an antler chandelier with a Venetian mirror or a Chesterfield sofa with a mid-century modern Danish styled chair. If it speaks to you then it works.

So many people are quite literally terrified of making all the wrong decisions when it comes to decorating their home. Working in the furniture industry I am confronted with discouraged people on a daily basis and I tell them not to be intimidated by lamps and chairs! Of course I counsel them more than that – but anyway, my point is… Those lost souls need to let the interiors below be an inspiration to them!!! Not because they love the purple leather chair or mismatched lamp shades or the peacock floor rug. But because by simply taking notice of how the accessories don’t match or how the homeowners’ style can’t be described in one word, even two or three shows there is a foolproof way of approaching design.

And if that is still too overwhelming then…

Start with one piece you love and build around it. If you love this “one thing” because it’s a family heirloom yet it serves a purpose then shop at thrift stores and take it easy with accessories. If you love this “one thing” because it’s eco-friendly yet it makes a statement then try your hands at refurbishing a piece you already own by painting it a vibrant color and adding new hardware!!!

Just have fun with it y'all!!!
That’s all I ask. :):)


Fairytale Shades

What allured me to this room instantaneously were the peaceful shades of tea rose and lavender in the roman shades. Bay windows are attractive in their own right, but when dressed up they can transition from a nice architectural feature to a

spectacular room-owning statement.

I am not a pink and purple kind of girl, that’s why I am so mystified by my fascination with this room. Honestly, I would live in it, and love it. Perhaps I would feel differently if I physically stood in the room, but it translates to photo brilliantly and that’s how it captured me.

The flow of the natural light through those fairytale shades casts an enlivening spell on the room. I even love the fabric on the sofa. It looks so lively and opulent, yet calm and inviting. The luxuriousness of the “metal-lilac” stripes tie in flawlessly with the tinted roman shades while the muted gray-ish purple stripes of the sofa and the quiet pink walls soften the palate.

I also find the unexpected accessories very interesting. The Ikat bolster pillow and scratchy black art makes whose ever house this is their home.

I believe accessories should be like fingerprints, unique to you and one of a kind! :)

This pic was posted by one of my favorite bloggers, from http://www.plushpalate.blogspot.com/ I felt it was so resembling of the pic that I wrote about, I had to share it.


Candy Coated Living

Lollii pop, lolli pop, ohh la la lolli lolli, lolli pop...

Hahahaha, I can’t help it! Simply looking at this room makes me hyper. Doesn’t it seem like it is infused with sugary sweetness? I bet you could get a toothache from just being in the room.

You can’t unwrap the room and you certainly can’t eat it, but apparently one can live in it. Not me, that’s for sure. Residing in said house would leave me in a frenzied state of continuous color overwhelm.
Pops of color are nice; however I think these rooms draw on too much of a good thing. Whoever the color crazed individual is that decorated these rooms, I commend them for having an unquestionable confidence in their sense of design style and personal taste. I would like to meet the person that dwells in these rainbow rooms. They have got to be a wildly upbeat, “glass is half fu
ll”, dynamic soul. I don’t think it’s possible to be down in the dumps in spaces like these.
I remember myself as a color happy child. I recall how I used to dream of having sparkling walls. I wanted to roll glue on my walls and sprinkle glitter all over them so they could twinkle like a million diamonds when the sun filled my room. I also used to find jewels deeply enticing. I loved those little packets of vibrant gems my sweet Mom use to buy me from Michael's craft store. I would glue them on everything from my school binders to the switch plates in my room. Deep down I know that carefree, cheery, colorful kid still exists within me, and from time to time she shines through and draws me toward pictures like these.

Was this what inspired the room?

Prettiest candy ever.

Although I would never decorate a room like this, I can appreciate how well its put together. The swan wall paper covers the walls with personality and surely charms all the passersby. Pop art could have been the inspiration for these rooms because there is a vintage feel that adds an air of maturity.

The bubblegum pink lamp topped with a fringed apple green shade is as kitschy as it comes. I would never get any grown up work done at this desk because it would bring the kid out in me who just wants to be imaginative and do arts and crafts.


Mora Clocks and Italian Styled Chandeliers

Two accessories that have fully inundated the design world happen to be two of the most gratifyingly eye-catching objects of desire, in my mind at least. They are Mora clocks and Italian styled chandeliers.
I am in awe of their ethereal wonder.
I love the gentle, slender curves of the Italian chandeliers long willowy arms. I am also keen on the simplicity of the Mora clocks Swedish design and curvy splendor. The two pieces compliment each other so well. I hope one day their whimsical features are able to cast their enchantment within my humble little abode.

Worst case scenario: I am unable to splurge on a Mora clock (they cost $1000's)

I will just paint one on my wall!

Isn't this hilarious? Clever, nevertheless.

Ohhh to be soaking in this tub at this very moment...

Another lovely design by deVargas
I am head over heels for clawfoot tubs... especially sparkling white porcelain ones.
I also adore Venetian mirrors.
This bathroom oozes opulence in a perfectly understated way.


I've Fallen in Love with Fall... again.

In Houston, Weather is something to Celebrate
. . .
Us Houstonians long for days like today. A day where we are blessed with a break from the sodden humidity and blistering heat, a celebrated event known as our first cool front. I feel it should be a spontaneous holiday every year. I wished so much this morning, the second I felt the enlivening cool breeze on my skin as I stepped out my front door, to be able to spend my day haphazardly doing whatever I wanted (outside, as you would expect). I might have planted an herb garden which I’ve really wanted to do. Or maybe I would have wanted a hammock bad enough to go buy one. A picturesque picnic would have been nice too. Even a round of golf, I would have been up for almost anything al fresco! As it turns out, woefully today was not a holiday and as it goes, I went to work. But to add a cheerful note, I’m keen on what I do, so that’s always uplifting. I did however get to enjoy the comforting fresh air this evening while I walked Abby and Buddy at the park. I hope tomorrow’s weather is indistinguishable from today!

I envy the fortunate souls who experience the magnificent changing of the leaves every year. Only once have I witnessed its beauty, it was 2 years ago in Connecticut and it was unforgettable. The brilliance of the golden yellows, crimson reds, and pumpkin oranges left me speechless. I seriously recall being in shock.

Someday I intend on incorporating the warmth and coziness of fall into my own home. Be it with a new splash of color on a wall, vibrant arrangements of flowers, linens, candles, fuzzy pillows, flannel throws and seasonal rugs. Envisioning fall décor conjures up thoughts of relaxed refinement.

The Hostess with the Mostess

Here at Maison Maison we are hosting the kick off party for over 50 dealers from all over the country. I am assuming it will be mainly the locals that show, but the more the merrier!
What I am really thrilled about is all the Halloween decorations I just purchased. Since it is an antique store I am going to use a lot of cobwebs, and creepy net.
It's going to be spooky, y'all!

We have this stunning harvest table in our front store window so I plan on doing a creepy harvest scene with fairy tale pumpkins, real bales of hay, and black crows. I also found these adorable little mouse silhouettes which I will place in the book shelves. I can't wait! I even decided to go the extra mile and adorn the food with spookiness... the cheese platter will be littered with rapid rubber mice and the wine bottle labels will be covered with decals that read poison and potion.

BEWARE!!! It's going to be a frighteningly fantastic.



Turn traditional design wisdom on its head.
Be boundless, endless & limitless.
Follow no rules.
Be a design revolutionary.

I call it a birdcage bed, but either way...

I just know I would dream of magical charm and enchantment while sleeping in this bed.

The artisan who crafted this Sheesham (Rosewood) masterpiece did it in the most subtly exquisite way.


My Love Affair with Grey {con't}

This room is great.
Simply great.
The bold, chunky black & white stripes of the rug perfectly ground the refreshing grey walls, fresh white linens and honey hued ladder back chairs. I've also always been a fan of hanging an eclectic mix of frames salon style.
In this space I can perfectly envision festive family gatherings, scrumptious Sunday brunches & mimosas with the girls and lingering romantic meals with the boyfriend.
I also think this room would house holiday decorations beautifully!


I heart Houston

Let's go Texans!

It's a beautiful day today...
I am looking forward to going to my best friends wedding shower
and I really hope the Texans do it up

Hope everyone else is having a lovely day :)

Flight of the Imagination

I absolutely adore this whimsical songbird chandelier from Anthropologie.
I want it so badly to find its home in my closet… it would be so fantastic to see those precious little finches and parakeets hovering in the air every time I opened my door. However, the price tag is not fitting for a closet light fixture, so I am going to attempt to make this imaginative piece.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get started?
I am going to go to my local hardware store to get 2 steel rings, like 1’ in diameter (I am going to scale it down a bit since it is to hang in my closet) and some brass or copper wire (that’s what the materials are said to be under the description on the website) and just start making a grid pattern! They sell the prettiest little birds at Hobby Lobby and Michaels and I would love to be able to find some Manzanita branches to use as the perches.

I hope to start this project soon… I will post pics if the end result is respectable!

I had this other thought. If this grid wire chandelier ends up being too difficult of a task, I was thinking I could make a bird mobile and suspend it with a exposed, low wattage bulb. There are some really cute bird mobiles out there when I started searching images for inspiration…. Check these out!


Showtime Design

... is over. I can't believe that Season 5 went by so fast. I can't believe Shane most likely killed Pilar with a croquet mallet and I can't believe I am going to have to wait another year to find out what happened.
Oh well, at least Dexter, Californication and The United States of Tara is about to start.
I just came across the neatest article on Metropolitan Home. All these famed designers do their own take on all of the Showtime series. The pic above is a Weeds design. A forest green wing back with a twist on the classic shape, an old root turned into pedestal for a perfect table base, industrial glass shelving units with recycled green glass beakers - it's organic yet industrial. This doesn't scream Nancy Botwin to me, she is more Bohemian Vintage-Modern in my opinion. But nevertheless, its a groovy look.


What a lovable sick-o. Here is a take on his Miami life style. The crazy print on the right wall is a photo taken at a downward angle of him looking down. Odd, yet interesting.
My favorite piece in the room is the mid-century rocker. I think it adds great character to the room, giving the space a break from the stark modernness. It's a simple chair where a fastidious Dexter can get lost in his creepy thoughts.

The United States of Tara.
A kooky design for a kooky character. This room is her in a nut shell. It doesn't represent her 1950's Alice alter all that well... or her beer-drinking alter, Buck... Maybe its not supposed to though. This room seems like a teens dream, so I'm sure T would like it. I really don't like this room that much. It doesn't have much going on... it seems rather uninspired. However, I can't hate everything... I do like the area rug. It's script is of a French poem saying "lets dance."
"Lets Dance"
I suppose that a fitting phrase for someone who has to constantly keep up with four alters!

Hank Moody
a sexy room
a sexy man

haha ;)

Relaxing Recovery

I had 5 teeth pulled yesterday and it was quite the experience. Of course, I was put under so I didn’t feel a thing, and totally numb when I came to… and I’ve continued to pop my magic pills so the pain stays away… so over all it hasn't been a completely miserable experience.

I was lying in my room earlier thinking about what my perfect recovery room would look like. It would be full of creams and grays, heavy drapery so I could block out the sun and a big, fluffy down comforter. I was trying to find such a room… and I did :) However, there is one thing wrong with this picture... that little dog in the bed is not my Jooby! Jooby is what I call my precious little Jack Russel, her name is actually Abby. Named after Abagail Adams because when I got her I was obsessed with the HBO series John Adams, and believe it or not, I am actually a kin to John Quincy Adams, he's my cuz. Lol.

Anyway, back to the room. Like I said, I think its the perfect recovery room. I tend to stay away from drapery (especially heavy drapery) and a completely colorless palette, but when I want a calming little cave all my own, its a must. So pretty much, I would only want to dwell in this room while I was a "little sicky" So this post is just for fun.

. . . . .

This is who has been keeping me company while I sip on soup, nosh on mashed potatoes and watch the third season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia! Thanks Chris :)

This is my little Jooby.

My little Jibby Jabby.

My little lamb-bear-dog.



Giddy Up

I don’t even ride, but who cares?!?
I find these horse sculptures to be magnificent.

This sculpture stands over 5' tall!

Even if I could have him, I don't know where I could put him.
He is quite the space hog... but worth every inch if you've got the room to spare.

Serve your drinks up on a wire horse bar cart why don't you?
I would. :)

I must post at least 1 lacquered piece... love my lacquer.

This is a painting, I know... it doesn't go along with the sculpture theme.
I love it though.

He is made of Zinc.

The hollow eyes are what makes this horse so interesting.

Creepy caraousel.

It wouldn't give me nightmares -- I dream of owning a piece like this.