Everything is just right...

Here I sit on this lovely little tuffet, at this fantastic 19th C. French writing desk, thinking about how 200 years ago some one was journaling with their feathered fountain pen, and here I am, blogging. I wish I could maintain its functional integrity, but I am a child of the technological age and my calligraphy isn’t that great, so I will preserve its physical integrity by making sure my Diet Coke stays on its coaster.
Anyway, back to my beautiful aesthetics. Leaning oh-so casually against the Venetian plaster walls behind my computer screen is this grand 19th C. Louis Philippe gilded mirror that reaches over five feet tall. A Heeley candle is burning that smells of fine leather and I can’t help but to feel so blessed that this environment is where I work.
In any case, I am feeling very inspired and I have found myself in this enthused mood all the time as of late. I have worked at this wonderful store for just over a month and two weeks ago we received a container from France and today is the first day where I don’t have a tapestry to hang or a sideboard to stage. My work here is done, for the time being. And so, to prevent my inspired spirits from going to waste by frittering away my time on the numerous design blogs that I love, I had an “ah-ha” moment… I should start my own blog.

So I will, so I am, so I have!

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