Mora Clocks and Italian Styled Chandeliers

Two accessories that have fully inundated the design world happen to be two of the most gratifyingly eye-catching objects of desire, in my mind at least. They are Mora clocks and Italian styled chandeliers.
I am in awe of their ethereal wonder.
I love the gentle, slender curves of the Italian chandeliers long willowy arms. I am also keen on the simplicity of the Mora clocks Swedish design and curvy splendor. The two pieces compliment each other so well. I hope one day their whimsical features are able to cast their enchantment within my humble little abode.

Worst case scenario: I am unable to splurge on a Mora clock (they cost $1000's)

I will just paint one on my wall!

Isn't this hilarious? Clever, nevertheless.


  1. Hi Robin!

    I am in LOVE with these Italian chandeliers - thanks so much for sharing them. I hope to have one myself one day :)

    And I was glad to hear like the frame with no picture look - I do too!

    By the way, I'll be announcing a giveaway on Monday I think you'll love - I hope you'll stop by :)


  2. I will def stop by on Monday -- you've got me intrigued! I've gotten lost in your blog today and I am astounded by how many of the same pics we have. I had mentioned in one comment, its like we are archiving/blogging soul sisters... you being the much more establised one of course! Thanks for the sweet comment and see you Monday! :)

  3. that mora clock painting is so clever! I want a real one as well, but alas they are out of my price range! one day though ... one day :-)